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1. “Six Attributes of an Ideal Healthcare Delivery System.”
Think about an episode of healthcare that you received, or that someone you know received.
Describe how that care experience would have differed had it been delivered in accordance with these six attributes of an ideal health system.
2. Since healthcare tends to be local, as a policymaker what would you do to encourage the larger community (retailers, restaurants, employers, schools, religious institutions, payers, and providers) to improve the health of the community?
For these initiatives, should the government play a role, or should they be sponsored by other entities?
Be specific and give examples of each.

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It is unarguable that healthcare system is the key pillar to social and economic wellbeing of a society. Access to prompt and quality healthcare services probably minimize the number of reported deaths and can as well increase the life expectancy among societal member. This is hugely attributed to an ideal healthcare delivery system that can comfortably deal with any emergency case. In this essence, the attributes of an ideal healthcare delivery system are;...

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