In the final phase of this project, you will implement your performance improvement initiative. Additionally, you will discuss what success of the performance improvement plan will look like after implementation. If you chose a problem in your workplace, be sure to utilize data from that healthcare organization; if you have created a hypothetical healthcare organization, you may use a public domain database with instructor permission. As you develop this final part of the assignment, consider the following prompts to formulate your paper.

V. The success of the Performance Improvement Plan
A. If this initiative is successful, what would be the financial implications for the healthcare organization?
B. How would the existing information management systems contribute to the success of your proposal?
C. What organizational processes will permit continued viability of the performance improvement initiative if it is successful?
D. Analyze interdepartmental communication that would be necessary for continued engagement in the proposed initiative.

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Evidence indicates the methodological application of high performance work process can have an effective while often underutilized plan as a means of improving the quality of healthcare organizations. Strategically to achieve the most optimal outcomes is dependent upon these plans are put in place; however, there list little evidence to indicate how this takes place. There are various means of putting an action plan into motion as any strategy is a complex undertaking such as why it is at a macro-organizational level or at the micro-level from the perspective of the individual. Invariably these issues take place across the industry not just organizationally as an assessment to further clarify the need for improvement moves forward once issues are identified.

Performance: Propose an Initiative to Address Problem
Improvement of healthcare outcomes is more than just the delivery of healthcare it is the satisfaction of patients with the quality of care received. Building a relationship with patients is essential to the implementation of the evaluation of systems which impact an integrated process, customer satisfaction, the contributions of staff and the performance of the organization overall. Recently significant changes have taken place impacting the strategies and structure of the healthcare industry. Identification of the significance of these changes to implement necessary modifications to improve, monitory and modify the necessary changes to performance to...

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