Pick any company or product (international or domestic) that is new (started no earlier than 2011 to present day, it can be scheduled to launch in 2014)
You paper should include; 1) a brief explanation of company/product 2)positives 3) negatives 4) what the outlook will be, success or failure?
Your paper should be between Seven-Ten pages in length (plus your reference page)
Please limit your citations in this paper.
It is very interesting to study what companies/products are being launched in a time of a recession. The business environment for starting such new ventures are brutal. To analyze them will give you an insight that hopefully will guide you with any future entrepreneurship venture you might pursue in the future.

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This report is based on the analysis of Google’s new product Google Glass. Google Inc. has been directed by the mission of catering to the information needs of the consumer in an efficient manner and providing them with easier ways to access and use information. Google Glass is the latest innovation of Google which is essentially an Android powered computer that can be wore on the frames of the spectacle so that the users can perch a display in their fields of vision, take pictures and images, search and use the various other apps to access and store large volumes of information. It has been designed using a prism screen and it has been using miniature display to place the data in front of the eyes of the user, without causing any obstruction to the vision of the user who is wearing spectacles. It has been designed in a manner that it can respond to voice commands as well as taps which are made on the touch-sensitive bar that has been running along the side of the frame. As such, the consumers can initiate apps or take pictures by issuing voice commands or making a tap by the finger. Since it has been structured around the Android, it is also easy to create and use new apps which can further enhance the functionality of the device. The product was rolled out in April 2013 to some of the early adopters whose feedback is being used to further refine the product. It is expected that the product would be hitting the markets in 2014 (Houghton, 2013).
The biggest advantage of Google Glass is that it is light weighted and does not obstruct the normal vision of the...

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