The Documentation of Learning (DOL) is a final individual report that offers both substance and reflection regarding 1) what has been learned 2) how it was learned, and 3) how you will apply this learning in the future. Your DOL should also include your Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP), which will demonstrate the use of your new knowledge and skills regarding the plans to expand and enhance your personal leadership effectiveness.

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This report presents reflection of the course on leadership and the future strategies which would assist to utilize the learning from this course. Leadership refers to the ability of the individual to exercise influence over others and gain their commitment towards the attainment of common set of goals. The power of a leader can stem from formal and informal sources. Due to globalization, there are a range of opportunities and challenges which are faced by the leader. The leader needs to take a flexible approach so as to manage different sets of followers from different economies. This report presents a summary of the main learning from this course and the application of the same to help one become an effective leader.

What has been learned
It is important for the leaders to stay proactive to change as the forces of change are consistent in the operating environment of the organization (Moyles, 2006). An organization that has flexibility possesses stronger ability to tackle and address the changes that are presented by the operating business environment. Human resources may also prefer change since it keeps the work from becoming boring and monotonous....

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