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What are the uses for experimentation?
How can we understand the advantages and disadvantages of the experimental method?
How do we understand the process for selecting the appropriate and optimal communication approach?
How do we understand the factors that affect participation in communication studies.
Submit an essay summarizing your thoughts about the use of appropriate use of experimentation and surveys in business research.

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Appropriate Use of Experimentation and Surveys in Business Research

Experiments are meant to test for causal links, and to identify what factors contribute to a desired outcome. Causality can never be determined with absolute certainty, but we can use research methods to come up with compelling reasons for why events occur under certain conditions. In this essay, I will summarize what we learned about experimentation and surveys using the example of a tube of toothpaste.
For instance, a company may want to compare two different brands of toothpaste and to determine which one actually gives consumers the assurance that it eliminated bad breath. In an experiment, there is an independent variable, the variable the experimenter can control, and the dependent variable, which does not change....

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