Business Model Generation and the E - Myth Revisited (1490 words)

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The E- Myth Revisited - why most businesses don't work and what to do about it;
Business Model Generation
This paper requires to write 5 pages for what you've learned from the two books attached.

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This book presents the concepts behind successful models in a simple, yet visually attractive manner. The business model depicts the ways in which the organization would create value. The book has been divided into five sections which emphasizes on the different elements of successful business management. The first section ‘canvas’ is a blank document and is the beginning point of every business. This is the inception stage during which the business needs to identify the relationships between the nine primary building blocks of any business including customer segments, channels, value proposition, revenue streams, customer relationships, key resources, key partnerships, key activities and the cost structure. The next stage is about “patterns” and these can be translated to develop newer business models. The third stage is “design” in which six techniques have been discussed which can be used to develop the model. The fourth stage is “strategy” in which the implementation is determined to deliver the value proposition and attain the goals with which the business model has been framed. The fifth section “Process” describes the creation of the system so as to put everything together.
Learning and reflection
This book has been a great learning experience for me and the visuals demonstrated helped me to plan for my business idea in a better manner. I have also aspired to start my...
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