Create a PowerPoint presentation regarding Conflict Resolution.

What is the problem? Are employees unhappy with the way management communicates? Are employees allowed input into decisions? Are there training programs, both internal and external, that will help people get promoted? Are there too many useless meetings where nothing important is actually relayed to employees? Do they hear about important information via text, email, group voice mails? How often do employees have the opportunity to speak to their supervisors daily, weekly, etc.? Are employees allowed the opportunity to participate in a business lunch where important decisions might be made? Are employees invited to professional social events where they can informally communicate with senior management? Are there off-site retreats where employees can discuss important matters without interruption? Are employees treated with respect when management communicates? Does management, in fact, communicate with employees? Do people outside the organization hear about important matters before the employees do? Do employees hear about important matters by watching the local news?

How can these and other conflicts be resolved? How can the leadership of the organization allow employees to be heard so that conflict can be avoided but resolved when it occurs?

There are many communication situations that potentially can go wrong in any organization. Select one, give a brief summary, write about options for improving the situation and what the expected outcomes are. Personally being involved in a negative communication situation at work now, that would be a great example. He/she can bring back to the workplace some suggested solutions!

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Conflict Resolution (10 slides)
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