Review the proposal evaluation guide of TRICARE.

Determine why integrity and fairness are important in proposal evaluations.
Create two scenarios that describe the possible consequences if fairness and integrity are not part of the proposal evaluation process.
Determine one ethical consideration that should be applied at all times.
Determine the criteria for evaluating proposals for government contracts and assess the methods for establishing a competitive range.
Then, develop an ethical argument for the government contracting requirements.

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1. Evaluation of proposals is vital especially in government procurement to assure quality of the offer and the capability of the vendor in starting and finishing-up the project at a reasonable cost. Evaluations can be done with the aid of evaluation criteria and requirements as provided. In doing so, evaluators are employed to make sure the standards, as set by the body, are being followed by the vendors. As much as the professionals are required to adopt sound business judgement in the acquisition of supplies and services, they must conduct themselves with integrity and fairness. This is important especially in evaluation of proposals. All potential contractors must be treated fairly and impartially notwithstanding existing familiarity and relationship between the evaluators and the vendors. Public trust must be maintained at all times not only for the benefit of the bidders but also for the long-term advantage it provides to the project as a whole....

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