Write a research proposal on the topic of "Internet of things and blockchain on supply chain". Also, you need to develop 10 questions questionnaire.

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“The Impact of the Internet of Things and Blockchain on Food Retailers’ Supply Chain Management in the United Kingdom”
(1) Do food retailers that use Blockchain technology and IoT in their supply chain have less waste compared to those that do not use these technologies?
(2) Are food retailers that use Blockchain and IoT better equipped to reply to market requirements and meet customer needs?
(3) Does using Blockchain and IoT improve inventory management, save costs and reduce lead times?
(1) Blockchain
(2) Supply chain transparency
(3) Distributed ledger technology (DLT)
(4) Internet of Things (IoT)
(5) Smart contract
The purpose of this research study is to examine the impact of the internet of things and Blockchain on food retailers’ supply chain management in the United Kingdom. Consequently, a combination of literature review and questionnaire based survey will be used to find answers to the research questions. Survey research is a widely used approach when the researcher’s goal is to gather information from a small sample of respondents and use them to make conclusions about the presence or absence of a phenomenon in a much bigger sample. It would not be practical to study all food retailers in the country, so for this study a structured questionnaire will be used to gather information from supply chain professionals.
Survey research is suitable for this study because the use of Blockchain technology has largely been limited to crypto currencies. The adoption of this technology in other industries is still in the early stages, and in particular its use together with IoT technology is not widespread....

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