1. Sousa discusses how children learn to count. How did you learn to count? Who taught you, where, and when? Did you use your fingers? Do you still use your fingers?

2. Sousa says, “Educators should at least be aware of significant language problems, especially when they are comparing the test results in mathematics of Asian and English-speaking elementary students” (2009, p. 21). Discuss this phenomenon. Have you seen it in your classroom? How will you address it so students become successful? If you teach, or plan to teach, at the high school or college level, how does this phenomenon carry over to these levels?

3. Select examples of strategies from pages 27 – 30 that you currently use or plan to use. Explain your rationale.

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I learned to count utilizing physical manipulatives to assist in the conceptualization of numerical value. This instructional practice was utilized until I was able to conceptualize number values abstractly (MENTAL MATH). In the absence of manipulative I utilized my fingers. Once I was able to complete the processes abstractly many of the strategies were eliminated or decreased in usage. Must kids have to be taught math with the use of physical manipulative in order to become proficient ...

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