Choose two lesson plans from the “SIOP Lesson Plans and Activities.” Write a 250-500-word evaluation of each lesson. Your evaluations should address the following:

- Do you see sufficient integration of SEI strategies?
- Is academic vocabulary addressed?
- What supports the instruction of vocabulary?

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SIOP Lesson Plans and Activities

Raising Questing and Bringing the Learner’s Background into the Classroom

Bringing the learner’s background into the classroom and making appropriate personal connections to content are both necessary ingredients in the development of language acquisition and in increasing overall student achievement. The academic dimension of the teaching and learning process is the most important dimension of teaching at grade level expectation while developing language acquisition skills simultaneously. However, another important aspect of the teaching and learning process is the “affective” dimension of teaching and learning, which has all to do with creating a learning environment which fosters “risk taking”. This very important dimension involves creating a sense of belonging and motivating learners to excel and to perform at their best both personally and academically....

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