Problem Statement and Objectives:
While winglets are already in vast use; in most next generation commercial jets and are being retrofitted into older ones, there is still a growing need for improved aircraft performance. The aim of this project is to investigate, design and optimize a new winglet design and study all different aspects of the design in a thorough careful manner in order to design an advanced device. Our state of the art intended design is meant to improve the fuel efficiency over the V MAX by 2%.

Economic Analysis: Please write a one page analysis on the economic impact to society for creating these type of winglets.

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Since winglets have such an effect on the performance of an aircraft, spiroid winglets will have many positive economic repercussions that result. Some of these changes may be small, such as the benefits of noise reduction, while other changes that relate to fuel consumption may be more significant.
Spiroid Winglets improve the flight performance in all three chief flight modes: takeoff, cruise, and landing, which leads to benefits, such as fuel savings and maintenance cost reduction...
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