POLITICAL SCIENCE: Literature Review Assignment
Research is all about building upon the work of others. To this end, in order to conduct meaningful research, you must be able to demonstrate an understanding of the major advances on your topic and where you fit in the broader debate. This is the point of the literature review.

1. Clearly state your research question  What research question is your literature academic sources going to be answering?
2. Identifying what the gap in knowledge is the first step in adding to that knowledge.
3. What are the major debates in the literature?
4. What themes emerge from the existing body of work?
5. What has been tried before in terms of answering your particular research question? These are the questions that a good literature review will answer, and a good literature review is the foundation of good research.
6. Incorporate 10 academic sources  reviewing scholarly literature and debates on a particular topic and showcase the gaps within each literature
7. 2000-2500-word count
8. Use MLA 8TH edition throughout the entire literature review
9. Your research question has to be something relevant, not predicting the future and something that is researchable (that you do not already know the answer to)
10. Academic sources are peer reviewed journals, new-media, grey literature, books, JSTOR articles that are peer-reviewed
11. Have an introduction in your literature review that clearly states your question, tells the reader why they are reading your literature review, the problems you are examining and indicate a road map for the reader for the review “This literature review will examine xyz…”
12. Provide clear detailed summaries of each piece of academic literature and make sure the summaries are relevant to the research question of what you are examining

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This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

The effective aid of water access in Lebanon and Jordan
This literature review seeks to answer the research question of how public services, and mainly water services, are delivered in developing countries. The literature review will focus on Lebanon and Jordan. The literature review will first discuss how the services are provided in these countries. Consequently, the study will document the current debate surrounding the effectiveness to which these services are delivered while establishing apparent gaps in the body of knowledge. Ultimately, the paper explains the contribution of the proposed research to the current academic discourse on water provision in these countries. While an agreement about the inefficiency of public water delivery in Lebanon is evident across research, the case of Jordan remains controversial. For Lebanon, future research has to account for the administrative causes of the inefficiency in the provision of public water. However, prospective study on Jordan has to concentrate on finding common ground in the current debate, thus advance the standoff in the right direction.
How water services are delivered in Lebanon and Jordan
The provision of public water service in Lebanon
WHO/UNICEF provides a comprehensive overview of the provision of water services in Lebanon. The agency reveals that since 2000, public water supply in Lebanon is entrusted to the Ministry of Energy and Water and four other public water establishments (2). The ministry and these water establishments plan and implementing water projects, awarding contracts and monitoring or surveilling the construction of public water projects, and operating water infrastructure facilities, and enforcing water-related legislation (WHO/UNICEF 2). A significant part of the collaborative effort is to ensure that the under-served regions in Lebanon have access to sufficient quality water. While this article presents fundamental insights into the provision of public water service, it does not highlight the underlying issues of, for example, the cost of access.
The provision of public water service in Jordan
The World Bank confers that the development and management of the water resource are vested in WAJ, which abbreviates the Water Authority of Jordan (62). The agency has used its autonomous financial and administrative power to guarantee...
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