It has been said that all of the modern socio-economic ideologies of the modern world are evident in the various communities of soldiers in the New Model Army: from those supporting republics, to those supporting democracy; from those supporting private property entrepreneurial capitalism to those sponsoring various images of socialism; etc. Constrained to the usual 500 words or less, I would like you to comment on the ideas, ideologies and rationalizations evident in the Army Debates at Putney, from the short excerpt available to you, and on the differing visions of human dignity and responsibility evident in the statements of John Locke and Gerrard Winstanley of the 'Diggers.'

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Radical Democratization in England
The Putney Debates were among the first serious political discussions that seriously considered the idea of ‘one man, one vote.’ In 1647, Charles I was considered an unpopular monarch because he tried to expand his powers and claim the divine right of kings. Oliver Cromwell and his New Model Army successfully overthrew him. However, Cromwell and his son...

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