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Today the defense of slavery is impossible, nobody in their right mind would argue in favor of a system in which people can be owned as property. Such was not the case in the United States before 1863. When the abolitionist movement started gaining momentum, pro-slavery advocates had to find ways to defend slavery and attack abolition. By looking at their arguments we can get an idea of how slave supporters viewed the system and thus why they were willing to secede and fight a war over it in the 1860s. George Fitzhugh is one of the most famous of the pro-slavery advocates, and his book, Cannibals All! is his primary defense of the Peculiar Institution. Read chapter one (and only chapter one) of Cannibals All! and answer the following questions:
• How does Fitzhugh defend slavery and attack Free Labor? How does he argue that slaves "have it better" than wage workers?

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Fitzhugh defends slavery because it is free and more profitable and the attack on free labor is based on the fact that it is a form of exploitation from those offering free labor. On the other hand, the argument that slaves have it better is because, in the south, children of slaves and the aged are not allowed to work, and yet they are given all the comforts that they need in life....

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