The Second World War and the Dilemma of Race in the Ideology of Wartime Participation (1595 words)

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Research Paper: write a research paper on the following topic: Topic: Franklin Roosevelt, African Americans, and the coming of world War II.

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The coming of World War II and the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt was certainly a watershed moment in African American history. The rise of Hitler’s totalitarianism pushed American politics to start finally recognizing the rights of people of color. In this paper, the treatment of African Americans during Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency and the preparation to fight the Second World War will be analyzed. The paper will briefly outline examples of how African Americans were included as a racial minority despite the overarching claim of Roosevelt’s decision to wage war against the Axis power to preserve freedom.
The Second World War is often seen by conventional wisdom as a just war. Fascists powers in Asia and Europe had united to wreak an untold turmoil on millions of people. When the Japanese military covertly attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt was forced to put American society on a path to war. The ideology that framed the preparation for war was discussed in terms of fighting prejudice. The onslaught of Japanese and German aggression was seen as a threat to freedom. However, this threat tore open the seams of how Americans conceived of wartime participation.
In fact, Roosevelt created the Office of War Information in 1942 to explain to Americans that the reason for the war was to combat intolerance and the evils of fascism (Fleegler 2008, p. 62). The thesis that underpinned America’s involvement in...
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