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Write a 15-20 page research paper on Maimonides and his medicine.Write about his work, area of study, and what he added to medicine, whether philosophically or practically.

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Although Moses Maimonides spent most of his life as a philosopher, some of his most famous works were concentrated in the medical field. Maimonides could be considered a Renaissance man before the Renaissance; in later life, he became one of the premier physicians of his time. His exploits as a healer were so highly regarded that he became a court physician for Saladin (Manekin, 2009). Maimonides’ work in ethics, toxicology, and the power of diagnosis expanded the classical knowledge he acquired from Galen, Aesculapius, and other ancient physicians. For this reason, Maimonides’ medical works and ethical considerations are still highly regarded today, and his influence on modern medicine is unmistakable.
Prior to becoming a full-time physician, Maimonides was a philosopher who derived ethical conclusions from his study of the Torah to create a compendium known as the Mishneh Torah....

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