1. Pretend you are trying to describe the terror group ISIS to a friend who 'heard a little something' about them on the news.

In 'list' form (brief summaries of information -about two sentences apiece) put together what you consider to be '5 very important facts' you gleaned from the video about ISIS, that will give your friend some concept of 'who ISIS is'.

2. Based on the content of the video, and using Iraq as an example, which of the specific issues (starting on page 214) would be of the greatest concern for security agencies operating in Iraq, due to the threats posed by ISIS.

Mention at least two specific issues from the text, and using supporting information from the video, explain why you selected those issues of concern for security firms operating in Iraq.

VIDEO: The Islamic State (Full Length)

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1) ISIS:

1. ISIS is short of Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (Arabic name for region that includes Syria also). ISIS is a Sunni Islamic organization that has emerged from the ongoing civil war in Syria and it wants to destroy the Assad regime....
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