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What type of terrorism do you think is the most dangerous to governments? Why is this the greatest threat and what actions should be taken to prevent it? (Note: This question is not discussing weapon-types.)

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Like any other part of the world, terrorism has always prevailed in the U.S., though people acknowledged the issue following the September 11 attacks. Before the onset of the American Civil War, an abolitionist known as John Brown advocated for not only but also engaged in armed efforts in an attempt to oppose slavery, which led to a series of attacks lasting between 1856 and 1859. Since then, acts that closely fit the definition of terrorism have occurred in America. The 9/11 terror attacks are perhaps the pinnacle of terrorism in the country, given the extent of damage the event caused. According to Siegel, ‎Bunt, ‎Van De Bunt, and Zaitch (2012), terrorism is the use of violence to accomplish political ends. Nonetheless, the scholars recognize that terrorism is constituted of five core characteristics, all of which must prevail for one to label a given act as a terrorist and a specified group as an organized terror regime. Foremost, terrorism represents the conduct of premeditated violent acts or threats of violence perpetrated by an organized group. Secondly, terrorism should elicit feelings of fear among an identified target or within a specific society segment. Third, terrorism is applied to achieve a premeditated political aim, often an attempt to influence political behavior. Fourth, terrorists will mainly select their targets carefully, given that its political nature is discretionary. Ultimately, even though the eventual goal of the terrorists is to destroy the target, the primary forms of terrorism are fundamentally concerned with diminishing the targets' will, hence forcing submission to a set of standards. Among the various forms of terrorism, bioterrorism is perhaps the most threatening because it threatens the health, economic, and political organization of a country, which then limits the government's resources and consequently, the regime's credibility and validity.
Defining bioterrorism
Bioterrorism is the use of threatened application of biological agents as weapons to cause harm (Urbano, 2006). Medline Plus (2020) and CDC (2020) claims that bioterrorism is the intentional or deliberate release of bacteria, viruses, and other germs that have the potential to sicken or...
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