An academic film review for a journal on film adaptation studies (2,500-3,000 words) of a film adaptation of a literary work with a critical perspective

Your film review should include:

-Detailed reference to the literary source text
-Comparative analysis of scenes from the literary Source Text with scenes from the film
-Reference to relevant primary and secondary sources
-Critical analysis of the film adaptation
-Cross reference to other films where appropriate

FILM: Pride and prejudice novel and film 2005

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Critical Film Review: Pride and Prejudice

First novel Pride and Prejudice was written by Jane Austen; first published in 1813, it has become a famous work for global romantic literature enthusiasts (Troost, 2007, p. 75). The entertaining nature of the work has continued to inspire other authors and filmmakers, even in the modern-day world, as documented by Claire (2017, par. 2) and Parrill (2002, p. 79). Among those stirred by the novel was Joe Wright, who saw it as imperative to adapt the book into the film in 2005. In the first instance, a film adaptation is the transfer of an authored work to a feature film (Chung, 2002, p. 27 and Baetens, 2007, p. 234). In this case, many critics have argued that the film adaptation only roughly follows the story. For example, Hess suggests that the adaptation of the film is of a different genre to the novel (Hess, 2017. p. 7). She also avers that the film tends to focus on artistic quality, which then compromises its faithfulness to the original work (ibid.). Hence, at times, the film appears to sacrifice the message that the novel attempted to express (ibid.). While this point of view is sound, there are several elements of the film that prove otherwise. It is true that differences between the novel and the film prevail, but the film remains adherent to the message that the novel intended to present. The selection of the Pride and Prejudice motion picture was motivated by the notion that the film is the most recent film adaptation of the novel. The aim of this paper is to compare the source text novel and the film. I will begin by making a summary of both the novel and the film. I will then analyse the adaptation of the novel to the screen. I will then compare the two works focusing more on the differences to assess the success of the adaptation. I will show that, despite the differences, the overall content and message of the novel is not diverged in the movie.

Summary of the book
Pride and Prejudice is a romantic comedy of manners authored by Jane Austen. The novel is set in rural England in the early years of the 19th century. Since its publication, the book has been translated into at least 35 languages. Pride and Prejudice is world-renowned as it has inspired endless biographies, adaptations, documentaries, and reimagining’s around the world...

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