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A cloining retailer sives you 10 points for every $1 sperit, and Eckdie Bauer Shopping Spree you can tracke in 2,550 points for $15 gift certificate. Items Quantity Cost Total Cost Poinis 1 Polo Shin 3 $ 50,00 2 Dress Shirt 4 75,00 a.) The spreadsheet lists purchases and their prices. Create formulas which compute the 3 Khakis 2 59,99 cost of each item and the points you get from each item. 4 Merrell Shoes 1 135,00 5 Snowline Jacket 1 219,00 6 Bek 1 19,99 7 Cloud Layer Fleece 2 75,00 b.) Compute the total cost of the order and the total number of points From the order. 8 Sweater 3 80,00 9 Full Zip Hoodle 1 70,00 10 Wrinkde Free Oxford 5 55,00 Totals: c.) Compute how many $15 gift certificates you will get from this order and the total value of these Bift certificates. Note: you cannot get a fractional gift certificate so use the INT function Gift Centificates: whichgives the inieger pant of number (effectively Hrounds cown). Format with vero decimal Value ofGift Cert places. Money Spent : Value of Gift Certificates : $ 1,00 d.) What is the ratio of money spent to the valueof the gift certificates? Enter a formula incel 12.1 for this ratio with the second quantity staled to one.

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