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Detailed overview of Thomas Aquinas, based on the following questions/prompts:

1. Biographical Facts of Philosopher
2. The Philosopher’s Contribution to Philosophy (what do you see being the result of this philosopher’s work, as seen in these provided excerpts?)
3. The Objections/Accusations Addressed by the Philosopher in this Writing
4. What is the Philosopher Aiming to Prove?
5. Key Replies of the Philosopher to Objections/Accusations Made
6. Key Arguments of the Philosopher in this Reading
7. Are the Philosopher’s Arguments Valid?

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Thomas Aquinas lived during the middle half of the thirteenth century, from 1225 to 1274. He was born in an area between Rome and Naples, was enrolled as a child at the Benedictine abbey at Montecassino, and continued his studies at the University of Naples and then in Paris. In fact, he seems to have spent much of his adult life fulfilling Dominican and scholastic duties in a circuit between Naples and Paris....

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