Your task is to write a 5-6page essay in which you:

(1) Explain what you take the fundamental idea of Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil to be, why you take this to be the fundamental idea, and how Nietzsche seeks to support this fundamental idea (worth 10 points);

(2) Explain how your take on the fundamental idea of Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil compares to Maudemarie Clark and David Dudrick’s interpretation of this book in their essay (found on Connect) (worth 5 points);

(3) Offer an evaluation of the cogency of Nietzsche’s attempt to support his main idea (worth 5 points) (Do you agree or disagree with Nietzsche? And why?);

–It is preferred that your text has 1.5 line spacing, and is written in the Calibri font and with font size 14.

–It is preferred that your text be divided into three chunks of text, each of which corresponds to one of the three questions you are being asked and provides an indication of this by beginning the relevant chuck with the number corresponding to the task you are answering in the relevant chunk.

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Nietzsche’s fundamental idea of Beyond Good and Evil concerns the fundamental nature of truth. In the main, Nietzsche argues that the concept of truth is warped by the powerful. Truth can only be found in those who do not seek to overpower the weak. Nietzsche claims that the attack on truth comes primarily from the upper class who wants to control the lower class. The truth has been hijacked by the upper-class elite because they have replaced truth with a moral system that makes those under the moral class subjects to the elite. Nietzsche basically says that fear controls people's’ actions. Fear is an underlying substrate of morality. In fact, the highest class of society controls truth by means of fear.
Truth was subjugated by the powerful class from the weaker class because the weaker class was peaceful. At an earlier part of history the ruling class were the peacemakers but over time the ruthless overclass - who have no desire for truth - took over. Today we call the once-ruling class the workers. The people in the upper class are those who took over the peace-loving but hard-working values of the truth seekers.
In this way, the reason truth has been hijacked is because every generation passes on their version of the truth to the next group of people. It is hard to break this cycle of subjugation of truth. So Nietzsche argues that fear has is the way in which the lower classes operate and have thus, tragically, lost their desire for truth. What is its replacement? Power....

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