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1) A steel wire is in the shape of an equilateral triangle and is warmed up. The coefficient of thermal expansion is 17x10-6 C-1 By how much does one have to raise the temperature for the area of the triangle to double? Noting that the melting point of steel is 1370 C, is it likely to be happen?

2) A 2-kg cube slides down a 30 degree frictionless incline that is 3 m long. This cube starts has an initial speed of 2 m/s that is directed along the incline. Once it emerges from the incline on to the frictionless flat ground, this cube collides elastically with a 3-kg traveling 3 m/s in the other direction. The 2-kg cube is traveling to the right, and the 3-kg cube is traveling to the left. a) Using the conservation of energy, find the final velocity of the 2-kg cube at the bottom of the incline. b) What are the final velocities of both cubes after the collision?

3) How many fully submerged cylindrical barrels (assume massless) having a height of 851 mm and a diameter of 572 mm are necessary to raise the 42028055 kg Titanic? Assume that only 10% of 131186 m3 of its volume contributes to its buoyancy. The density of sea water is 1030 kg/m3 .

4) A wheel that has radius of 0.2 m has an initial translational speed of 20 m/s such that wheel is going in the counter-clockwise direction. When a clockwise constant angular acceleration of 10 rad/sec2 , how many revolutions does it travel in 10 seconds?

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