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1.You are designing a freezer that requires the production R-134a with T = -30ºC and a quality of 40%. The feed temperature, to the throttle, is 30ºC. If the diameter of the tube exiting the throttle is 1 cm, calculate the following:a.Upstream diameter [for Δ(v2) = 0].b.Required upstream condition of the R-134a (pressure and state).c.Pressure drop, ΔP, across the throttle.2.Steam at 1.4 MPa and 300˚C enters the shell side of a shell and tube heat exchanger. It leaves as liquid at 1.4 MPa and 150˚C at a rate of 5000 kg/hr. The steam condenses on the outside by water flowing inside the tubes. The water enters at 20˚C and experiences a temperature rise of 25˚C. What is the water flow rate?3.Steam at 50 bar and 600˚C enters an adiabatic turbine and leaves as saturated vapor at 1.5 bar. The elevation of the entrance is 3 m above the exit. The velocities at the entrance and exit are 3 m/s and 0.3 m/s, respectively. What is the specific power produced in the turbine? How much do potential and kinetic energies contribute to this power?4.Air enters a compressor at 20˚C and 80 kPa and exits at 800 kPa and 200˚C. The power input is 400 kW. Find the heat transfer rate. The air exits the compressor at 20 m/s through a tube of 10 cm diameter.5.An adiabatic turbine is operated at part load by throttling the steam supply (1.4 MPa, 250˚C) to 1.1 MPa before it enters the turbine. If the exhaust is at 110 kPa with a quality of 0.96, what is the specific power?6.A simple steam power plant illustrated below uses 20 kg/s of steam. Find: a) the boiler heat transfer rate; b) the turbine power output; c) the condenser duty; d) the pump power required. What is the ratio of net power out to heat in (the thermal efficiency)? The turbine and the pump are adiabatic. BoilerTurbineCondenserPump4123W Stream T(˚C) P(MPa) 1 40 0.01 2 40 10 3 600 10 4 x = 1 0.01 7. Water is to be pumped from a lake to a ranger station on the side of the mountain (see figure). The flow rate is to be 95 gal/min, and the flow channel is a standard 1-in. Schedule 40 steel pipe (ID = 1.049 in.). A pump capable of delivering 8 hp (= -Ws) is available. The friction loss F (ft-lbf/lbm) equals 0.041L, where L (ft) is the length of the pipe. Calculate the maximum elevation, z, of the ranger station above the lake if the pipe rises at an angle of 30°.

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