During this course, you have had an opportunity to learn about and reflect on the contributions of people throughout history who dedicated their lives to understanding young children.
Mentors: Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky:
Their work has impacted countless educators, educational programs, and of course, children themselves. Reflect on your learning throughout this course. Given your new knowledge and insights, respond to the following questions:
• Which of the people featured in this course would you have liked to have had as one of your mentors? Why?
• How would you like to affect the history of education? What contribution would you like to make? What do you hope you are remembered for?
• How would you like to affect the history of education? What contribution would you like to make? What do you hope you are remembered for?

For this section of your Professional Philosophy of Teaching and Learning, summarize your own professional development needs by reflecting on the following question:
What have you learned so far about what a teacher or anyone who is in a profession that fosters children's development and learning needs to know? (Reflection)
Then, respond to the following questions:
What three essential questions about fostering children's development and learning do I need to ask at this point in my career? (Inquiry)
How will I learn the answers to these questions? (Problem solving)
Where am I now in relation to where I want to be in understanding my own professional goals and needs? (Self-assessment)
Assignment length: 1–2 pages

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Of the many psychologists and theorists mentioned in this course, I would most like to have Jean Piaget and Lev Vygostky as my mentors.
I admire both Piaget and Vygotsky greatly for their contributions to the theory of human development. While the both worked at different times and their theories are in conflict with one another at certain points, I feel they each made unique and indispensable contributions to psychology with their work.
I am drawn to Jean Piaget and would have liked to have him as a mentor because I respect the structure of his theory of development and the concepts tying it together. The ideas of ‘schemas’, adaptation and assimilation are very easy to latch on to and I find myself accepting them intuitively even though these ideas are not scientifically verifiable. I know I find myself adapting existing...

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