Research Essay Topic: "Psychology and long last marriages"

The textbook "The real world, an introduction to sociology" 3rd edition may be used, but may not be counted as one of the sources. At least one peer reviewed journal article must be used and referenced in the paper.

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Long-term relationships, especially in the form of marriage, have been present for millennia across cultures, and one way to understand this is to consider what factors can tie into relationship happiness and continuity. This paper will examine various factors from the research world that examine common practices for happy marriages, how marriage satisfaction can be impacted by different life factors, and what can be done to maintain long-term relationships with positive connections.

A good starting point when considering marriage in modern society and relationship satisfaction is to consider how people can manage a full time relationship on top of all their other commitments, especially work. Maatta and Uusiautti (2012) did just that with a study that examined the habits and happiness of over 300 couples that had been married for over a decade each to identify patterns and trends that impacted the success of their relationships and identified seven common themes. The first theme, “the ability to turn the downs into ups” (p. 268) indicates that successful relationships are not stress free but include mutual support to get through the challenges of life and come out stronger on the other side. The second theme, “activity, creativity, and imagination” (p. 269) relates to the need to find new and interesting ways to keep things fresh in a relationship. The third theme, “tolerating the dissimilarity and change” (p. 269) refers to the ability to accept the marital partner even though they...

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