Write a paper on the following topic: Working Mothers Do Not Hurt Children
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There has been debate on whether children of non-working mothers perform better than children of working mothers, especially when considering a global perspective (Bebbington, Dani, Da Hann, & Walton, 2008). This is especially pronounced in underdeveloped nations. On the other hand, developed nations may hold similar, though less extreme views, while still feeling that mothers who work full-time may not develop as strong of a relationship as mothers who work part time or just stay at home (Dodson, 2013). This often manifests more with lower-income families and interacts with the parental relationship most strongly when these mothers struggle to get adequate flexibility in their work schedule to provide care to their children and may be partially due to the fact that employers may see these women as irresponsible. For instance, many people believe that working mothers take time from their children, impairing their academic performance, which simply isn’t true according to scientific research (Reay, 1998). The USA is a developed nation, hence both men and women are pillars for the growth and development of the economy (Bebbington, et al., 2008). Women are taking part actively in both nonproductive and productive activities of the country. There have been a significant percentage of women who are taking double role both in working and parenting (Cohn, Livingston, & Wang, 2014). Large numbers of women have been reported to join the workforce. The population of working-women has increased form 30% in the 1970s to more than 50% in the current decade. Whether women in the workforce harm their children or not has been a heated debate that has resulted in some scholars carrying out research to evaluate whether working mothers affects the performance of the children either positively or negatively (Scalon, 2011).
Jean Piaget is a psychologist who did a study on the cognitive development among children. He argued...

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