1. What do you see as the key contrasts between the Western (Noddings) and African (Waghid) perspectives?

2. Which of the parts of the African perspective do you think would be helpful in YOUR context for a Philosophy of Education meaningfully responsive to the realities of the 21st Century?

3. Write a blog comparing, contrasting and positioning yourself among Dubois, Washington and/or Freire’s contribution to a practice of education that could be liberating and transforming for your immediate context of ministry. Reflect creatively on all the material you have read as you engage in this. You may use the links below to help you begin to consider the different perspectives of Dubois, Washington and Freire.

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1. Before I start discussing the differences between the respective approaches expressed by Waghid and Noddings, it would be appropriate to acknowledge the similarities. As it is evident from the readings, both are concerned with a similar set of issues. The key similarity between them is, perhaps, their concern about accessibility of education for students from all walks of life, of all races and minority groups.

However, both authors hail from different cultural, historical and political environments. While Noddings represents a relatively stable and highly developed democracy, in spite of all its flaws, Waghid comes from a post-colonial society still struggling with the legacy of apartheid. Therefore, their very approaches to the resolution of the accessibility question reflects this contrast.

Noddings is mainly concerned with the elitist structure of education in the USA where she lives. Kids from poor neighborhoods go to underfunded and overcrowded schools and show low academic results. On the other hand, they do not do well precisely because the schools are in such a poor condition, and a vicious circle is created (p. 190)....

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