The Impact of Social Media on the Public Relations Practice (2910 words)

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Write a 3000-3500 words paper on the following topic:
The Impact of Social Media on Public Relations Practice

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Social Media is the mode through which we may reach people directly by the use of various highly interactive platforms like: Twitter, Face Book and other web technology enabled sources. Now the new concept of B2P has been developed which refers to Business to People. Although there existed B2B or B2C which is business to business or business to consumer interaction but now business to public is becoming quite popular. People are able to interact, communicate, share and discuss with each other through the use of the Social Media. They are no more dependent on the release of press, magazines and journals for their expression. It does takes only a fraction of seconds whereby people’s messages gets shared and spread over web technology enabled social media and even the feedback and suggestions are also obtained. Public Relations and interactions are now becoming highly significant with the help of social media. In order to get updated with current issues, subjects and the ideas, people are getting united and chat online and maintain effective public relations...
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