For your essay on Camus' The Guest, state your tentative thesis, and conduct an annotated bibliography using 10 sources.

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In this article, Golomb constructs an argument in support of the thesis that Camus’ philosophical contributions are substantial and deserving of serious consideration. In particular, Golomb sees the philosophical underpinnings of Camus’ writing as, ultimately, in service of a particular, sophisticated notion of authenticity – as Golomb puts it, “Camus’s literary fiction is intimately related to the ideal of authenticity” (268). Golomb’s critical stance actually spans three of Camus’ works: The Outsider, Caligula, and “The Guest”, with, as Golomb sees it, the earliest book presenting Camus’ most nascent views, with the middle book a period of transition, and “The Guest” the culmination of his thought on authenticity. While examination of all three pieces is beyond the scope of the present discussion, Golomb’s view of the arc of Camus’ thought on authenticity will be instructive.
In this article, Greenlee argues that critical understanding of “The Guest” has—necessarily—changed over time. When “The Guest” was first released, the story was...

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