As a future educator it is vital to stay abreast of emerging technology that can be used in the classroom.
In a 500‐750 word essay respond to the following:

• Identify two apps or software you would recommend for use in the classroom.
• For each technology tool selected, provide an aligning ELA activity for the general education classroom.
• Describe how you can adapt the technology tools for students with speech and language disabilities.

Support your work with 2‐3 resources.

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Emerging Education Technology Tools

Emerging technologies are changing how students learn as well as how teachers instruct and engage with students. Most of the available technology is based on using smart devices such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets. The following paper aims at reviewing two apps that can be used to enhance learning in the classroom. The apps include Socrative and Articulation Station, which are ideal for ELA classrooms in providing instructional-based needs such as content organization, teacher productivity, and demonstration learning.
Socrative is a free classroom app that is used by teachers to evaluate a student’s level of understanding on a real-time...
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