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What does it mean to 'market' something? To advertise a product so that it is appealing to an individual or particular group? Or perhaps it means taking an existing product and re-selling it from a particular slant or angle. Marketing actually applies to almost every aspect of everyday life. Far from being merely a vessel to develop catch phrases and flashy banners, the art of marketing involves a deep mix of psychology and human interaction, as much as a keen sales mind.

Think of it this way. The team at McDonald's did not need help with their marketing homework; if they had not taken the time to get out there and tell people they were making these fantastic burgers, they would never have sold any product. Regardless of how well thought out or carefully crafted a product may be, if it doesn't appeal to others it will never be commercially successful. Take for example a marketer attempting to create a toy aimed at boys age 7-11. For this toy to appeal to boys, it must tick all of their 'subconscious boxes' - flashy colors, loud noises, super-hero themes, the usual. If the marketer doesn't consider how a child would perceive his creation, however, chances are he will end up creating something that he personally feels is a good product but a child aged 7-11 will not.

Marketing Image for McDonald's Restaurant

Marketing is perhaps the most important element in any successful business formula. By understanding how people perceive things, and more importantly, what their needs are, the marketer gains the most valuable business insight possible. Once you learn what your customers really want, then comes the easy part – giving them what they want! This can be done online or in retail stores.

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