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Game Theory

Game theory is a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of human behavior, used in such fields as mathematics, economics, and the social sciences. By "games" we actually mean human interactions governed by opposing strategies of the people involved.

As an example, in a patent system, the first research lab to invent a device gets the patent. Game theorists will apply the principles of game theory to find out how many research labs need to be involved to establish a Nash equilibrium, and compare that to the most efficient number of labs. Everything else follows from there.

A good course in non-cooperative game theory will most likely deal with these areas:

  • Games in Strategic Form and Nash Equilibrium
  • Iterated Strict Dominance, Rationalizability, and Correlated Equilibrium
  • Extensive-Form Games
  • Applications of Multi-Stage Games with Observed Actions
  • Repeated Games
  • Bayesian Games and Bayesian Equilibrium
  • Bayesian Games and Mechanical Design
  • Equilibrium Refinements
  • Reputation Effects
  • Sequential Bargaining with Incomplete Information
  • Payoff-Relevant Strategies and Markov Equilibrium
  • Common Knowledge and Games

The International Journal of Game Theory is a good place to stay up to date in this field, and game theory tutorials are not hard to find.

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