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Tutor Since: September 2018

Last Online: January 25th 11:35am

Completed: 0 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with masters in Petroleum Engineering and a minor in Mineral Energy Economics. My understate degree was in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Technology in Baghdad.

In Academia, I delivered an excellent service in both teaching and tutoring services. I graduated with 3.51/4.00 overall GPA. During the school years, I worked as a Teacher Assistant for the Petroleum Engineering Department, where I developed skills in conducting research on solving problems, given assignments, or homework. I had a great reputation in delivering technical and analytical writing.

I am very excited about becoming a tutor with 24-hour-answer, for the tutoring service opportunity, which I enjoy, also for continuing the bond by the academic knowledge.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how my skills will benefit your academic growth.

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