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Tutor Since: July 2018

Last Online: June 11th 4:29am (EDT)

Completed: 5 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I have a Ph.D degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and my research interests include image processing, signal processing, computational photography and compressed sensing. I am a tutor interested in helping the students for learning various subjects related to Electronics and Communication Engineering, and also for solving the problems and assignments that the students generally find difficult. The subjects that I can work on include Signals and Systems, Analog and Digital Communications, Digital Signal Processing, MATLAB for engineers, Image Processing, Probability and Statistics for Engineers, Linear Algebra, Circuit Analysis and Synthesis, Digital Electronics and Microprocessors, Analog circuits and Linear Integrated Circuits. Apart from the assignments and online tutoring, I would be happy to help the students in academic projects and research guidance. I have a good a experience in MATLAB, and it will be my pleasure to help the students who want to do MATLAB based projects related to Signal Processing. I have a good industrial experience in the area of digital circuit design using VHDL and Verilog, System Simulation, RTL Synthesis, and, Timing Analysis. I am a Linux enthusiast, and I have a keen interest in digital electronics, microprocessors and embedded systems. I strongly believe that my expertise on various subjects related to Electronics and Communication Engineering, can be made beneficial for the students who contact me.

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