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Tutor Since: October 2019

Last Online: November 17th 8:50am (EST)

Completed: 9 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I am a spirited and motivated tutor, researcher and a coach with expertise in student outreach and learning development skills. Offering eight years of experience working with college and university students. Dedicated to connecting with students and developing individualized academic success systems.
Hardworking Peer Tutor motivated to transform student's academic lives by implementing successful strategies that make differences in all areas. Demonstrated success with most struggling learners. I have promoted students' confidence and academic success through hands-on tutoring and individualized support. Expert in Psychology, History, Business, Philosophy, and other Socio-sciences and humanities. I am skilled at sharing knowledge, concepts, and abilities with students of all ability levels. Strong communication and planning skills. I have worked as a lecturer and editor for over three years, teaching philosophy, ethics and business communication. Besides, I have also had an opportunity to work as an online academic tutor and researcher, proficient in delivering top-notch academic work that exhibits credible sources, proper grammar, and meets all the instructions of the order.

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