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Tutor Since: September 2020

Last Online: April 27th 2:53pm (EDT)

Completed: 16 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I acquired my BSc in Civil Engineering (major in Hydraulic Engineering) in 2007, MSc in Civil Engineering (major in Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering) in 2008 and a PhD in Civil Engineering (major in Computational Hydraulics) in 2014. I published a number of papers in peer reviewed journals such is Environmental Fluid Mechanics, River Research and Applications, Environmental Modeling and Assessment, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Journal of Sediment Research, etc.

I have a 10+ years of experience teaching students, helping them complete their assignments in a timely and orderly manner, helping them writing their BSc and MSc thesis. My focus is to pass on my experience and knowledge to students in the most efficient way possible. I can help in problems related to hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, writing code in Fortran programming language, writing research papers, writing in LateX and basic math problems. Since I have been preforming reviews for a couple of peer reviewed scientific journals, I can also gladly help with both MSc and PhD dissertation writing, editing/proofreading and working with undergraduate and PhD students to resolve any difficulties regarding the materials and methods for research.

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