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Tutor Since: October 2020

Last Online: December 4th 7:35am (EST)

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my profile! I hold a Bachelor and Master degree in Philosophy. I have finished both of my studies at the University of Novi Sad. During my Master studies I tended to explore all sort of philosophical thinking in more detail I've never encountered before in order to satisfy my thirst for knowledge and, consequently, to shape my own original thesis. Naturally, one can't excel at everything, so I've decided to focus on several themes instead. Some of those philosophy topics are ontology and metaphysics, epistemology, formal logic and philosophy of language (especially that of late Wittgenstein). Furthermore, I am doing my research on Aristotle's philosophy and Modern philosophy (especially Empiricism) and my favorite Philosophy of Mind. Recently I started to explore very interesting theories of Pragmatism while focusing on a work of William James. Currently, I am working on the main topic of philosophy of mind, i.e. consciousness. However, I believe there is a possibility to take a different approach in explaining and interpreting consciousness, instead dwelling on the popular contemporary physicalist theories of mind. I believe that difficulties which are surrounding analytic philosophy of mind (like that of ontological status of the mind) can be exceeded if we focus on everyday experience and language while describing this elusive phenomenon.
Currently, I am acting as an independent researcher while teaching at a public High School. My experience in teaching is rather rich because I worked with many students in five different schools. I aspire that one day, I might get a job at the University, that is, when I enroll in PhD studies. I have published four academic papers in philosophy journals (for social theory and humanities), and I was also presenting my ideas (papers) on several occasions at the international conferences held at Universities. Having that in mind, I could help others by giving some useful tips on writing an academic paper or essay.
I usually spend my free time reading books on philosophy, science fiction books (Phillip Dick is my favorite writer), listening to music and watching movies, however, I always prefer to have conversations with others, because the thought truly grows in conversation with others. I like to play Magic: The Gathering trading card with my friends who are enthusiastic about the game just as I am.

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