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This tutor is currently not available. They cannot handle any tutoring requests until they return.

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Tutor Since: February 2019

Last Online: July 31st 11:30am (EDT)

Completed: 0 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I am an experienced tutor that has been successfully teaching science and math subjects.

Though most of my students come from high school or college, it is important to say that I have experience with all age groups, ranging from kids in elementary schools (some of my best students) to people in their retirement years (it is never too late).

I am a physicist by education so I've originally started teaching physics at first, but very soon I was teaching all levels of math subjects (core math, precalc, calc...) and general chemistry and basic science, sometimes even to greater extent than physics. Having interest in languages I've been also teaching English and Serbian language with success.

Aside from English I speak fluent German and I am a native Serbian speaker and I am learning French at the moment.

My free time activities include writing, literature, learning to play guitar, music, film, but also sports such as gymnastics and martial arts.

I always look forward to spreading the knowledge, teaching and learning about science, languages, traveling and meeting new people and new cultures.

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