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Tutor Since: June 2018

Last Online: January 25th 11:23pm (EST)

Completed: 26 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I have been teaching at the university and doing consulting activities as engineer since 1984. My main areas for teaching and research are in power system protection, power system analysis, and electrical machines.

I will do my best effort to be helpful in the understanding of the topic which you are consulting for. Thus, please let me know your problem and we will design the best way to solve it, with emphasis in your understanding and success.

I received the Electrical Engineer (Cum Laude, 1984) and Master (Honors, 1986) degrees from Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB, Caracas, Venezuela), and the PhD degree (Cum Laude, 2014) from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain). Thus, my mother tongue is Spanish, and Spanish-speaking students are welcomed to ask the questions in Spanish if they prefer so.

I have been Full Professor since 2001, author of approximately 150 articles in journals and conferences, and reviewer of the main international journals on Electric Power Systems. I was the chairman of a national conference ("IV Congreso Venezolano de Ingeniería Eléctrica”, Caracas, Venezuela, 2004), and I was Invited Researcher at some universities in USA and Europe.

At the university, I was Head of the Department of Energy Conversion and Transmission, Coordinator of the graduate and undergraduate programs of Electrical Engineering, and Head of the Lab of Electric Machines.

On the other hand, I have professional experience in coordination of protective devices, power system analysis, power transformers, as well as in design, implementation, testing, and commissioning of microprocessor-based devices for electric power applications. I have also been Professor for different professional training courses for the industry.

I prefer to explain the topics with no hurry, looking for an in-depth understanding of phenomena. Therefore, questions related to very-near deadlines are not welcomed.

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