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This tutor is currently not available. They cannot handle any tutoring requests until they return.

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Tutor Since: July 2019

Last Online: August 20th 8:35am (EDT)

Completed: 3 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

As an experienced and successful intellectual, I am driven by the urge to achieve accomplishments all the time. I am at all times devoted to quality, timeliness, constant learning, and interactive development. Hard work and strategic planning have been my axle in every assignment I handle. I believe that every student is capable, and the only difference between performing and struggling students is the mode of tutoring used on the two categories. Measuring my success always come routinely; I want to better today than I was yesterday, and I expect the same for my students. I am never tired to be the dream carrier since it gives me more energy to work harder and make effective plans. Challenges don’t crash me down but rather revitalizes my unidentified potential. Listening is my strength, which makes every relationship I have with my student a friendly encounter.

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