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Tutor Since: February 2019

Last Online: February 24th 5:13am

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Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

Degrees and Qualifications
Dual Degrees-East Asian Economics and History.
Wide range of experience in fields of Political Economy, Business, and Writing as well.
Worked in array of academic, corporate, and private research positions.
Well acquainted with needs of students and world of academia.

Conducted research on topics from Chinese consumer market to international corporate structures. Undertook extensive research of energy economics and political systems. My real world experience in teaching, writing, and research will help you achieve your academic goals.

Academic Experience
Drafted and published reports on politics and economic environments in East Asia. Possess considerable experience in writing, publishing,and research in think-tank and academic environments. Delivered in depth economic and policy reports to researchers, policy makers, and corporate executives.
Published thesis on Chinese energy sector, tracing historical development of state-owned enterprises and domestic petroleum industry.
Conducted studies on interplay of resource economics and political rivalries in South China Sea, tracing role of energy constraints and diplomatic tensions. Worked with prominent international scholars in evaluating role of unfavorable market conditions and economic inefficiencies on energy production systems.

Corporate Experience
In corporate world, delivered research reports on such issues as macroeconomics of foreign direct investment, market segmentation, inefficiencies in international finance system. Served as consultant and researcher to both transnational firms and political think-tanks, such as the Iacocca Institute and the Nuclear Energy Institute.

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