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Tutor Since: December 2018

Last Online: April 9th 3:06pm

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I have a bachelor's of science and masters of science in Environmental Science. While completing my bachelor's degree, I interned for the USDA Forest Service over a period of three years. While there, I assisted with data collection for mapping regeneration patterns of ponderosa pine trees. Upon completing bachelor's degree, I began my master's degree. My thesis focused on mapping seagrass beds in coastal Mississippi Landsat 8 remote sensing technology. Currently, I am interested in the long-term recovery of socially vulnerable neighborhoods following natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding. My dissertation will incorporate GIS technology and statistical analysis using STATA software.
Academic interests aside, I am an outgoing young lady who is passionate about helping young scholars reach their full potential. I have two years of experience doing one on one tutoring and three years of experience teaching at the university level. I work very closely with my students to make sure they fully understand the material being taught to them. More importantly, I expect my students to walk away confidently about the material they have been taught.

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