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Tutor Since: October 2017

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Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

What do you get with this tutor?

You get an MA in English language and literature, competent in all things English when it comes to teaching - grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading, communication, you name it. The two odd year experience in both live action and online teaching of both adults and children further illustrates this.

You also get someone well versed in writing, a published author of prose, poetry and reviews - again, both online and in print. You get someone who can help you in your writing endeavors and provide advice you might find more than useful.

On top of all that, you get an individual whose experience in the field of the Ninth art, i.e. comic books, is invaluable, as he is a comic book scriptwriter, reviewer, critic and (award-winning) theoretician in the field. Anything regarding comic books in terms of writing and understanding them, this man is your guy.

And, naturally, you get a man whose work in translation, proofreading and editing can only benefit you, as he is responsible for providing said services on multiple projects involving monographs and poetry collections, both published and in process of publishing.

What might be disappointing with him? Merely that in one-on-one interaction he does not refer to himself nor speak in third-person.

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