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Computer Science

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Tutor Since: May 2017

Last Online: December 14th 12:31pm (EST)

Completed: 13 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

A friendly geek who like to solve problems. I am a mechatronics and robotics engineer who is inclined towards computer science. This makes me figure out the problems in mechanical and electronics world with the help of effective programming. I have a strong understanding of basics and the fundamentals of engineering.

Languages that I can handle: C/C++, Python, MATLAB
Plus: OpenCV and Image processing techniques

I like to keep things simple and straight forward in case of problem-solving. It is easier for both the tutor as well as student to understand how the solution was derived from the problem statement.
As a part of my personal ethics, I commit to problems that I feel confident to solve with respect to the following aspects:
- Time duration to complete the problem.
- Availability of effective time to concentrate on the problem statement.
- A Clear understanding of the problem (no matter how dumb it sounds, there should not be any ambiguity in the communication) Make it clear!
- If you would like to know how I derived the solution in simple words then you get it for free. :)
- If I don't know something, I say that straight away! I will not commit it or blabber something.

I am a Linux user and love to explore the world of open source.
Night owl
Love scientific debates (Tesla > Edison)
Learner for life...

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