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Tutor Since: February 2017

Last Online: February 13th 10:15am (EST)

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I am doctor of medicine.
I graduated at the Faculty of Medicine in July 2004., completed one year internship in the Clinical Center and passed state examination for MD in 2005.
I achieved medical licence right after that. I actively took part at congresses and seminars held at the University of Medicine and Health Care Center . As a student I participated in Programme of National Exchange students where I completed clinical practice at Department of Internal medicine in Ohrid, Macedonia. I also completed course in Emergency medicine.
I have working experience of 3 years as medical doctor in primary practice and emergency medicine department. I also have professional expertise in cardiology.
I also took part in pilot projects organized by The Ministry of Health with the aim to help old, lonely people, people permanently incapable of taking care of themselves because of long term illness or disability.
I have been studing English since primary school where I achieved basic knowledge, later I graduated English language at the University –Language center . I have basic knowledge in French and Slovenian language.
I have been interested in computer science since childhood and have strong IT skills.
I am well organized, reliable, communicative person, prepared to work as a part of a team, precise with good presentation skills.

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