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I’m a veterinarian by education and also gained 4 years of experience in that field. I also hold an MSc degrees for veterinary pathology and in reproductive biology – embryology. As time passed by, I became more interested to use the knowledge and the experience I gained for scientific research, by novel biotechnology tools. My first step to accomplish that was to apply for internships at the Koret School of Veterinary medicine (the Hebrew university of Jerusalem) and at the Weizmann institute of Science, whereas I gained knowledge in basic biochemistry techniques and in molecular biology.
During my practice as a Veterinarian I learned to preform different types of surgeries of soft tissue, and I treated infectious diseases and metabolic disorders of domestic animals. During my masters in Reproductive biology I gained basic knowledge in genetics, by working with lab animals and embryos. During that time I worked in Maternity hospital in which I learned how to use micromanipulation in human reproduction (ICSI) and how to manipulate with oocytes and embryos up to 5 days old and also other artificial reproductive techniques. During my internship at the Weizmann Institute of science and the Koret School of Veterinary medicine I gained knowledge and experience dealing with culture cells, DNA purification, PCR and Western-blotting techniques. Having these together, I believe that I will be able to pave my way as a good scientific researcher.

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