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Tutor Since: December 2018

Completed: 2 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

Hello there. I started programming when I was in grade school. Later on, I joined the college where i did a Bachelors degree in Information Technology. I have been developing both small and large scale robust software for people and different organizations. Currently, i also run my own IT consultancy firm where we help clients with different IT -related solutions as well as advice. I also run two youtube channels where i have been teaching students how to programme in the different languages, from web and desktop all the way to mobile development for both IOS and Android. I specialize in html5, php, css3, javascript, angular js,jquery, ajax, node js, java, c++, native android, flutter, c#, MySQL, NoSQL, Big Data, Google's Firebase and Firestore cloud platforms among many others. Am flexible as I can code the web, desktop and mobile applications. I can also write any step-by-step solution for you as well as writing any articles related to my field of expertise.

Quality and professionalism are top priorities for me and I do this mostly for my passion but not the monetary gain part of it.

Helping students is my passion and my long experience in coding and computers has given me enough experience to guide students from encountering the same challenges that I encountered.

So the question is,"How may I be of help to you today please?"

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