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Tutor Since: December 2018

Last Online: June 26th 7:59am (EDT)

Completed: 9 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I obtained Master’s degree in the English language and literature, Faculty of Philology. From then on, I have been teaching ESL to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students of various linguistic backgrounds. I currently hold a teaching position in both primary and secondary schools. Having been passionate about raising standards across all age groups and subject areas, I have vast experience in preparing and setting tests and examination papers for internationally recognised English exams and teaching pupils who have experienced difficulty with mainstream education. Therefore, I consider myself capable of ensuring that students acquire English skills in an effective way.

Furthermore, I have gained considerable experience in translation services (English-Serbian and vice versa) since I started translating immediately after my graduation, which resulted in establishing my own translation agency “BRIDGE SM”. Having worked for various companies and municipalities, I translated a variety of documents including project application documentation, contracts, website content, news, articles, school materials, letters, interviews, reports, brochures, resumes etc. This involvement made me become acquainted with preparation and implementation of cross-border projects and entire project management process.

Considering that I have been immersed in the field of translation, reading and writing became my passion. Therefore, I gained valuable experience in writing essays, research papers, resumes etc.

Possessing a friendly, approachable and reliable nature is the most important personal skill of mine. I consider myself as diligent and responsible person, so you will be provided with high quality work within agreed deadlines. I can guarantee accuracy, proficiency and confidentiality.

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